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Baslow Bolt 2021

Baslow Bolt 2021

6 of Ripley's finest athletes made the journey up into the Peak District Saturday morning for the 2nd running of the annual Baslow Bolt, a 8 mile fell race with 1400ft ascent. Winter well and truly arrived in Derbyshire Saturday morning, with heavy snowfall and serious questions asked whether the race would actually go ahead, but credit to the organizers as they battled through and did a fantastic job considering the hazardous conditions.

Many runners didn't make it, or got delayed on the way, leaving a reduced field of runners taking part. The local vicar set the runners underway with a quick quote of the good book about going through the narrow gate and a 3,2,1, GO!!! The snowy fields made the legs work hard and the wind chill whipped right through you with plenty of hills to work at too.

A final climb up to and across Baslow Edge before the fast descent back down to Arguably Derbyshire's Finest Primary School, or so the Vicar said. It was not a day to be hanging around on the Derbyshire Gritstone Edges, and the marshals definitely deserved some honorary award bracing the cold and giving up there time for the race to go ahead.

With fingers and toes totally numb all 6 of RRC Green & Gold finished the race all still intact, frozen but still alive and soon warmed up back down at the community building with homemade tomato soup(fact checked) and slices of cake you could only imagine in your wildest dreams!!

Massive well done Joanne Howett on picking up first Vet 50 prize.

113 runners finished. Results below.

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