Ripley Running Club – Runner of the Week

Joanne Howett

Runner of the Week – Joanne Howett (Ladies Captain)

Time as a Member – Nine years

Reason for the Award – Every week, without fail, Joanne rallies the troops and organises three social runs for people to enjoy. Joanne also keeps ahead of the latest Covid-19 news and makes sure that the latest guidelines are communicated to all run leaders and members alike. Joanne is also the Ladies captain and will always be leading from the front, competing or not, when it comes to BDL’s, cross country, relays and many more club events. Well done Jo!!

Getting to know you in 5 questions:

1. Most memorable running experience?

I have so many great running memories from the last 9 years, but I’d have to say the most exciting race I’ve done to date was The British Fell Relay Championships 2018 in Grasmere. It’s always such a fantastic event and I love the camaraderie that you have with team events. I teamed up again with Cathy Cresswell on Leg 2 of the 4 leg event (as we had done the year before when the event was held in Llanberis). The route was really tough with a gruelling climb which seemed to go on for ever, then a degree of clambering over rocky outcrops at the top before an absolutely exhilarating, technical and at times, very steep decent back down to the finish. I remember feeling completely shell shocked yet euphoric as we finished and I couldn’t take the smile off my face! It was a bit like getting off a rollercoaster; I wanted to do it all again !!

2. If you could compete in one race/event tomorrow, what would it be?

There isn’t one particular race that’s on my bucket list. I always enjoy trying something new and during lockdown, I’ve enjoyed getting out on my mountain bike too. I’ve also been thinking about trying a triathlon again in 2021. So something that combines the two, a X-Triathlon, really appeals!

3. Favourite local running route?

From Swanwick, there’s an off-road loop, about 10k, that goes through Shaw Woods and the nature reserve at Oakerthorpe. I like it best in late Spring, when the bluebells are out.

4. Best bit of advice you’d give anyone about running?

Don’t’ ignore a niggle. Treat it as a warning sign, an amber light that you don’t want to turn to red. Try a massage, focus on stretching, warm ups and cool downs and ease back on the miles if you need to.

5. What got you into running?

Running has been around for me on and off, all through. I enjoyed running at school but then lost interest as I got into my teens. I ran a little bit in my late twenties just to keep a bit fitter, then I had my children. I did a couple of events when they were young but I could take it or leave it really and life was very busy. I was aware of RRC but I wasn’t able to get on Tuesday evenings. Then my friend Caroline joined and it sounded great! As soon as I could, I joined and that opened up a whole new part of my life!

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