Ripley Running Club – Runner of the Week

Charli Wilson

Runner of the Week – Charli Wilson

Time as a Member – Since August 2020

Reason for the Award – Charli has fully submerged herself into the club since becoming a member. Being ever present on weekly social runs. Well done Charli.

Getting to Know you in 5 Questions:

1) Most memorable running experience?

Falling over on the Heanor Pud Run- my Partner, whom I was running next to- continued on without noticing anything was amiss. The nice runners behind me helped me up! I do tend to fall over a lot.

2) If you could compete in one race/event tomorrow. What would it be?

I am a multi sports person and my favourite race ever was an epic OCR event named ‘Airfield Anarchy’. It no longer runs, but involved 3 runs over 2 days, and a 50ft giant inflatable slide into a rather cold lake. London Olympic Triathlon was also pretty cool- cycling on closed roads and ignoring the traffic lights was thrilling.

Running-only events- I haven’t done very many. But I do like the Heanor Pud Run- the steel band makes it!

3) Favourite local running route?

Codnor Reservoir and the cromford canal, and back through Brinsley to Jackdale (then up the very steep hill to Riddings- where I live- I do tend to walk that last hill as a ‘cooldown’).

4) Best bit of advice you could give anyone about running?

Slooooow down! You don’t have to run at full speed everywhere, slow down and enjoy the view!

5) What got you into running?

My Partner- he ran, so I wanted to join him. I then proceed to always go too fast, so he bought me a heart rate monitor and introduced me to the concept of maybe not breaking myself every time. It turned into my favourite way to explore new places- run anywhere until you get tired, then navigate back home.

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