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Nick Hilton

Runner of the Week: Nick Hilton

Time as a Member: Ive been a ripley member for about 12 months, joining pretty much soon after myself and Kat (who has just joined as well) moved to the area. Before this i was a member (first claim) for Bournville Harriers(Birmingham) and also a member of Danum Harriers (Doncaster) as well. Bournville was the first club i joined, and have been club running for around 5 years.

Reason for the Award: During the Covid pandemic, Nick has still managed to find races that are taking place representing Ripley. He has also thrown himself at the club enjoying many club social runs and being ever present on Strava.

Getting to Know you in 5 Questions:

My most memorable race experience?

Was my first Great North Run. Having run many club and organised race before hand ,still nothing quite prepares you for the start line of a 50,000 odd competition race, the noise and the atmosphere – just electric and then as you run down the Newcastle central motorway and though the underpays to the call of “Oggy, Oggy, Oggy” before crossing the Tyne bridge with the Red Arrows screaming overhead to the shear noise and adrenalin of the final seafront mile – so perfect I’ve managed to run it 3 more times, with varying time success it has to be aid, but always euphoria at the finish line

If i could run any race?

It would be the London Marathon. Having entered a number of times and received a number of training tops as consolation, it feels like the one race that has got away. My other (realistic when i started running 10 years ago) dream races were the GNR and the Palma (Mallorca) (my favourite holiday island) half, both of which i have run and plan to again

Favourite running route?

Forme having recently moved here is an interesting one…aniyone who follows me on Strava will see i run a vas array of local routes regularly …that said my all time favourite routes are both off road – the loop around Derwent and Howden Reservoirs are just simply breathtaking and always a pleasure, and slightly nearer home the circuit of White Edge and Froggat Edges, followed by a pint at the Grouse Inn , cannot be beaten

My best bit of advice?

Is never be dispirited or lose faith especially when your pace or enjoyment os off – things will always get better. Running for me provides such a release and a mental health break that just getting out either before or especially after a long hard day is foe me the best mental reset i can think of

What got me into running?

Quite simply Kat, my other half…..i can’t remember how it happened exactly (she will and i’m sure will tell all), but she decided she was going to start running and eventually 10 years ago i joined her for the Sherwood Pines Adventure 10k and the rest is history – it hurt – a lot in this early days just to keep running and, yes these days it still hurts, but in a great and rewarding way, knowing, or rather hoping that the training is is worth it, especially when it really hurts

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