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Ripley Running Club – Runner of the Week

Luke Beresford

Runner of the Week – Luke Beresford

Time as a Member – +8 Years

Reason for the Award – Organising brilliant social running events for our members by organising away runs with other clubs, as well as organising the recent 4 leg relay around the Derwent Valley.

Getting to Know you in 5 Questions:

1) Most Memorable Running Experience?

There have been so many memorable running experiences, but in terms of sheer enjoyment I would say running with club mates at the Beer Barrel Race and Ian Hawleys Bob Graham 2019, they were just Epic! In terms of Races The North Wales Half Marathon 2015 was notably memorable, particularly mile 11 as was approaching the finish you head into a small housing estate and on the corner of the street was the Ripley Massif Crew, I got an almighty roar that made the hair on my neck stand up, it carried me to the finish and I went on to win the race, we had a jolly day out on bundas bus trip in Conwy, Rain provided too, we really was living the dream that day! 🙂

2) If you Could Compete in an Event Tomorrow?

Another tough question, so hard to pick, I have missed them all this year, but perhaps the Fell Relays would be the one I would pick, such a great event, we were so lucky having them in Derbyshire last year, it was a brilliant day up at Ladybower.

3) Favourite Local Running Route?

Favourite local running route would be around Bow woods/Dethic/Lea/Holloway area its just so stunning throughout the year, I also have a soft spot for Ashover and further afield the Goyt Valley and Shining Tor I love running around there.

4) What Advice Would you give to Another Runner?

The Human body is very adaptable and with right training, patience and perseverance you can achieve your goals, but most importantly enjoy your running, don’t be afraid to mix it up in terms of running aspects whether it be track, road, cross country, fell, or chasing a beer barrel down Edale! 🙂

5) What got you into Running?

I have always enjoyed running from a young age and was a member of Waingroves Wanderers running club back in the day around the age of 10, but then lost interest to football and the usual stuff until my late 20s when my brother aka (Mario) encouraged me up to the club and well the rest is history. I have met lots of inspiring people, improved my running and made some great memories! A Win Win outcome I say 🙂

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