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Ripley Running Club – Runner of the Week

Tanya Heaslip – on the right

Name – Tanya Heaslip

Time as a Member – 2 years and 5 months

Reason for the Award – Tanya has shown a great attitude towards helping other runners, whether that be other members of the club or friends, in achieving their own challenges. Most notably running a full marathon with Kat Fletcher with no training and supporting a friend on their own couch to 5k journey. If more runners were like Tanya, then the running world would be a better, more supportive place.

Getting to Know You in 5 Questions:

My most memorable running experience:

Has to be Nottingham marathon in 2016, I ran it with my best friend Louise, it was so emotional and the most amazing experience ever, I raised over £2000 for Little hearts matter charity!

If I could compete in an event tomorrow:

It would be the Lochness marathon without a doubt! Amy Bradley are you with me? I’m slightly obsessed with the Lochness marathon and spotting Nessy!

My favourite local route:

Has to be round Butterley reservoir, we’re so lucky to have such beautiful scenery in Ripley.

My best piece of advice that I could give to anyone about running is..,

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, enjoy your running and have your own goals and achievements, remember the reason you started running and never forget it!

How did you get into running:

My running experience started in 2010, when I sadly and unexpectedly lost my son to a rare heart condition aged 11 days. I started running as a form of therapy. Although I’ll never forget him it’s helped me in ways I can’t really explain. I can’t imagine my life without running now. Running is a funny thing it’s hard and it’s certainly had its ups and downs but along the way I’ve met some amazing friends that I know will always be by my side. Special mention time Jo Ingram, this girl my rock my wingman, I love ya.

Thank you Ripley running club you’re an amazing bunch 😘

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