Ripley Running Club Weekly Round-up

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Weekly Round for Ripley Running Club –

WC 6th September

This past week…

Eleanor Robinson – V70 winner

This past week saw the club manage to complete the infamous RRC Hill race.

24 runners took part over the 2.5 mile course and by the looks of this picture, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience by all.

Well done to all who took part and results can be seen below…

Also, I would like to say a massive thank you to the committee members who arranged this event during the current climate.

And of course, last but not least, a massive thank you to all the volunteers who help mark the course and steer people back to the finish line and the pub!

And a message from our Chairperson – Bunda post Hill Race:

Thank you so much to everyone who turned out tonight . From runners to Marshall’s to timekeepers you know who you are


Eleanor Robinson ??? Travelling over 100 miles just to compete in our hill race is absolutely amazing


Ripley Runners Race Round-up

Apart from the hill race on Tuesday there has been a flurry of activity of the last week for RRC members and races (apologies, no pictures). All routes and times taken from Strava…

First of all Brian Sherras, one of our international running members, completed the virtual Boston (USA not Skegness) Marathon in a great time of 3 hour 36 minutes and 40 seconds setting an average pace of 8 minutes 16 seconds per mile! Well done Brian…

Luke Beresford and Anne Cook completed the inaugural Amberaid 30 Mile Trail Trial on Saturday. The event covered a mere 30 miles of undulating Amber Valley loveliness with a mere 4000ft. ascent. Results are still pending – but it’s not always about the time and this would have been a great effort by both I am sure.

Well done to Nick Hilton again this week. Last week it was Normanby, this week it was the A6 for a Virtual Great North Run Half Marathon. Completed in 2 hours 19 minutes and 5 seconds.

Well done to Martin Picker this weekend. No race completed, just a special mention as he decided to recce the entire route of the Spire Ultra – a mere 36.27 miles and 4,255ft. of ascent for a casual Saturday morning. Completed in 6 hours 40 minutes and 34 seconds.

This week the club will mainly be running….

Keep your eyes peeled for Tuesday night sessions. As I have an ear to the ground there are some great sessions planned so far that will surely get everyone’s taste buds going. Keep your eyes peeled for Joanne Howett’s FB post.

Points of Note

The Wales weekend is currently still going ahead 16th – 18th October with some great events planned. If this is something that takes your fancy, then please get in touch with Luke Beresford ASAP.

So far 17 runners taking part in the weekend cumulating in a 10k time trial. Start times and runners detailed below:

9.30am -Alison Butlin Helen Smith Anne Wardle

9.35am – Carl Hopkinson Esther Broughton Matt Baker Jo Howitt

9.40am – Tim Jaques Wayne Smithurst Mick Wareham

9.45am – Danny Elliott Matt Brenan Ian Hawley

9.50am – Matt Jones Luke Beresford Rich West Paul Sorrell

Time keeper – Mystery guest

The club is now on Twitter – Please check out @club_ripley (ripley running club) if you do prefer a good tweet every now and again!

Unfortunately, we must end this weekly round up on a low note. As per Mike’s post this week regarding the BDL season:

However, what has been mentioned is potentially re-creating some of BDL euphoria through a virtual format. Watch this space….

Almost forgot – The club did put out it’s first 2020 runner of the week. Well done to Ian Warton-Woods. Please look at the Ripley RC page for the link and enjoy! Keep your eyes peeled for this weeks…

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