Ripley Running Club – Weekly Round up

WC – 2nd November 2020

This Past Week….

Tuesday night was our last social evening till at least the 2nd December 2020 due to the Government’s announcement regarding lockdown 2.0. So in true Ripley RC style, we made it a good one.

Group 1 saw a 4 mile steady run with Jo Ingram. Setting off from home turf RLC.

Group 2 saw a Fartlek session on the lower greenway with Mike Corrigan.

Group 3 ventured off road for an hour with Alison Mick Wareham & Matt Jones. Setting off from Lea Bridge.

Group 4 took on a 7.5 mile road run at approx 8 min mile pace with Neil Worthy starting in Swanwick.

Group 5 went on an approx 6 mile road run at approx 8.30-9 min mile pace with Sarah Huskinson.

As previously mentioned, this was RRC’s last social evening till at least the 2nd December, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop there. See lower down for how we can still make the most of Lockdown 2.0.

This week the club will be mainly running

Here are some suggestions and ideas on how we can beat the Lockdown blues till 2nd December. Get involved, look after your mental health and don’t let Lockdown stop you:

1) Look out for the local routes posted every Tuesday. Till the 2nd December, all routes will be starting/finishing from Ripley Leisure Centre and making the most of our home turf.

2) Matt Jones/Tim Clayton are organising a virtual 5 mile XC race. If interested, get in touch with Matt and/or Tim.

3) Joanne Howett is trying to organise a lockdown time trial. One route starting in Ripley and one starting in Swanwick. Both fast routes, to be completed between the 9th-15th November. For more information, get in touch with Joanne Howett.

4) And of course, as we all love running and therefore any reason to run. We are all willing and open to suggestions of what we could do during Lockdown. Please do not hesitate to shout up if you have any idea of what will get us out there running…

Stay safe and keep running…

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